Is pink salt worth the cost?

Does pink salt live up to the hype? I really hate to do this to my pink salt lovers, but I’m sorry; it seems Pink Salt is a little overrated! Before you get upset, please know if you like the taste and can justify the cost go for it. Pink salt is still salt, and […]

Fact-Check: Paul Saladino on seed oils

Welcome back to another round of fact-checking social media influencers. I’ve been creating these fact-checks to combat misinformation and provide perspective on what I see are some of the most common claims gaining traction.   Recently psychiatrist Dr. Paul Saladino posted a video defending his claims about seed oils after Instagram fact-checked his video and flagged […]

Is soy safe for men?

Here’s the truth about soy for men. Soy foods are often demonized as being hormone disruptors in men. If you’ve hung around long enough on the socials, I’m sure you’ve heard tofu, soy milk, edamame, tempeh, and so forth are the perfect recipe for tanking your testosterone. I’ve even heard statements as extreme as “eating […]

Does LDL particle size matter?

“It’s not about the amount of LDL; it’s about the size of LDL.” Perhaps you’ve heard this claim? The idea here is that if you have large fluffy LDL, it doesn’t matter if your total LDL is high. It’s currently a very popular argument in some corners of the socials, especially those that promote carnivore, […]

Fact-Check: Are the dietary guidelines the cause of the obesity epidemic?

Recently, Dr. Jordan Peterson made this claim about Western dietary recommendations: “The dietary recommendation to prioritize carbohydrates produced a veritable epidemic of obesity and diabetes…” While accepting this statement at face value is tempting, I’d like to look a little deeper at this assertion and share why I disagree.  As I shared on IG, there […]

Fact-Check: Gabrielle Lyon on falls and red meat

There’s a responsibility for public figures in nutrition and health sciences to base statements on science and to ensure there’s no bias in how we tell the story that’s in our favour. Recently on two popular podcasts, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon made claims that encouraged me to dive into the data.  On Dr. Hyman’s podcast, she […]

Protein versus resistance training

Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is essential to health and longevity. Your muscles are the source of your physical strength which is associated with robust bone mineral density, a lower risk of metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes, improved balance, a lower risk of falls, and a longer lifespan. It’s unfortunately common to see […]

My Soy Labneh Recipe

This thick and creamy labneh is so simple and couldn’t be any more delicious. With a slight tanginess to it, this recipe is often the cornerstone of many Middle Eastern dishes. I suggest trying this with a cold salad or simply spread across sourdough toast to double your ferments in one meal! By using our […]

Sigma Nutrition Radio – Shifting Towards a Healthier Diet

I was recently invited to join Danny Lennon on his show Sigma Nutrition Radio. In this episode we discussed: How do we go about changing the diet quality of the people at the population level? Impact of the food environment on our food choices Choice architecture Do we need a direct source of DHA for health or […]

Microbiome Diversity Protocol

An overwhelming amount of research has identified that healthy people typically have a more diverse microbiome composition than those suffering from chronic conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s dementia and even depression. So what came first, a loss of diversity or the disease state? Chicken or the egg? While future research will no […]