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In Episode #88, I sat down with Seb Alex to discuss the importance of animal welfare and what life looks like through the lens of an animal activist. I understand that the topic of animal welfare is often a little uncomfortable (I totally get it), and perhaps you hold the stereotypical view of animal activists as being angry, weird, and violent. I know I used to. But Seb is anything but that, and I urge all of you, plant-based eaters or not, to listen to this conversation with an open mind. Even if you’re not interested in a plant-based lifestyle, it’s interesting to listen to what people from different walks of life have to say.
In this episode, Seb and I discussed normalising plant-based diets and what Seb thinks about the Impossible Burger and large chains like Hungry Jacks who have added plant-based burgers onto their menu. We also tackled some big questions, such as what counts as a sentient being, whether there are different levels of sentience, what speciesism is, and whether ‘humane slaughter’ exists.
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