Adopting a New Lifestyle to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease | Sean Ryan

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In Episode #89, I sat down with a long-time friend of mine, Sean Ryan. Sean and I recently caught up for dinner, and he expressed interest in changing his lifestyle. One particular reason is that cardiovascular disease runs in his family, and he ticks quite a few of the boxes when it comes to modifiable risk factors for having a heart attack or stroke.
In fact, Sean has been contemplating and embarking on lifestyle changes for the better part of a year with mixed results. He cannot help but feel confused by all of the mixed messages across the internet and among health professionals in his community. As a result, he’s been left feeling disempowered and unsure what to do. As Sean and I got talking during our dinner, I realised how valid his questions were and suggested that we share our conversations and his journey to better health as a series on this show to hopefully inspire others. He generously agreed, and here we are – the first of a handful of episodes with Sean. It’s a slightly different format that I hope you will enjoy.
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Enjoy, friends.

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