Can We Slow and Reverse Ageing? | David Sinclair, PhD

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In Episode #98, I sat down with Harvard professor Dr David Sinclair, PhD, to discuss the information theory of ageing, and in particular how we can slow down and perhaps even reverse the ageing process. In this conversation, we discussed chronological versus biological age, the role of genetics versus epigenetics in the ageing process, how long he thinks we may be able to live for, how our nutrition and other lifestyle factors affect the ageing process, and more.

This is a deep dive into the underlying mechanisms that take place on a cellular level as we age. It’s an exchange that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I hope you do too. Of course, in two hours it’s hard to cover the topic of ageing in its entirety, so I look forward to having David back on the podcast to dive even deeper in the future. You can also grab a copy of his book Lifespan online or in most book stores – it’s a fascinating read. Connect with David on Instagram or Twitter.

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