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In Episode #153 I sit down with Registered Dietitian Brenda Davis for a conversation I wanted to have for some time now. Brenda is one of the most revered experts across the globe when it comes to Plant-Based nutrition – with over 3 decades of experience, communicating nutrition science without hype, to help people optimise their diet.

With the release of her 12th book Nourish, which she co-wrote with Paediatrician Dr Reshma Shah, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have her on the show, to share her story and talk about some of the important things for families to consider when shifting to a plant-based approach. The benefits that are up for grabs? The ins and outs of fat, fibre, protein, various micronutrients and much more.


Nourish by Brenda Davis, RD and Reshma Shah, MD

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Health Canada’s 2019 dietary guidelines

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