Rethinking diet and exercise with Herman Pontzer

Rethinking diet & exercise with Herman Pontzer, PhD

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In Episode #151 I sit down with Evolutionary Anthropologist Herman Pontzer, PhD to talk about ancestral eating how his work with the Hadza can help us think about both diet and exercise as tools for weight loss.

Specifically we talk about:

  • What an evolutionary anthropologist is
  • The origins of the genus homo
  • What we know about ancestral diets
  • Why the ‘Paleo diet’ is an over simplification
  • Herman’s time spent with the Hadza
  • What the Hadza diet looks like
  • Why the Hadza diet isn’t ‘low carb’
  • What Herman learned about metabolism by studying the Hadza
  • The constrained energy model
  • How we should think about exercise when it comes to weight loss
  • What a healthy diet looks like at an individual level
  • How to address the chronic disease pandemic at a community level
  • and much more


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Grab a copy of Herman’s new book BURN

Read Herman’s 2016 paper on the constrained energy model

Read Herman’s 2015 paper on diet variability among hunter gatherer tribes

Donate to support the Hadza – donations help improve healthcare for the Hadza people

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