Longevity Score

What is the LIVING PROOF CHALLENGE longevity scorecard?

A science-based scorecard developed by Simon Hill and colleagues that uses the ‘10 truths’, modifiable predictors of your long term health & happiness, to objectively tell you where your health is today.

Find out your baseline longevity score.

Intervene with science-based lifestyle habits. Retest to see how your longevity score and health has changed.

Unsure how to test the 10 truths? Refer to the LIVING PROOF challenge.

Calculate your longevity score


2. Does one or more of the below apply to you?

· Male over 40 years of age
· A family history of CVD
· Pre-diabetes
· Type 2 diabetes
· Hypertension
· History of smoking
· LP(a) > 30 mg/dl (or > 75nmol/L)

Please check
points on the Flourishing Scale
T score
Systolicmm Hg
Diastolicmm Hg
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**If you leave a field blank, you will score 0 for that biomarker.

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