How You Can Prevent Chronic Disease | Dr Dean Ornish

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In Episode #71, I sat down with one of the pioneers of lifestyle medicine, Dr Dean Ornish. Dr Ornish is best known for the randomised controlled trial ‘the Lifestyle Heart Trial’, where he was able to demonstrate that cardiovascular disease could not only be halted in its tracks but, in many cases, actually be reversed. In this exchange, we talked about why we see such a high rate of chronic disease in Western populations and the steps that you can take to genuinely take control of your health.

We discussed the Lifestyle Heart Trial and what we can learn from the intervention and results, as well as what’s causing cardiovascular disease in the first place and why some people refute the findings that associate saturated fat and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol with cardiovascular disease. Dr Ornish also shares his thoughts on the Atkins, keto, and paleo diets and what various approaches fail to address when it comes to healthy eating habits. You’ll also find out what he uses clinically and believes is the healthiest human diet in the world!

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