Dr Padma Garvey – Vegan Mother & practicing Doctor that uses Plant Based Nutrition clinically

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Episode 09 of the Plant Proof Podcast with Dr Padma Garvey on her story and using Plant Based Nutrition in her medical practice

Plant Proof Podcast Padma Garvey

Episode Summary:

  • Padma’s personal transition and her families to a plant based lifestyle
  • How Padma uses plant based nutrition clinically and explains it to her patients
  • Number of menstruation cycle’s over a woman’s life and how this can be affected by animal products, in particular high fat animal products
  • Padma’s tips for cooking with oil
  • Padma’s top tips for anyone transitioning to a Plant Based lifestyle
  • Insight into the normal Indian diet versus the current diet that is creeping into this country and what they are seeing.
  • If you enjoy the episode and want to hear more from Padma you can jump over to her own Podcast the Doctor Mom’s Podcast by Dr Padma Garvey on itunes.

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