Specific exercise to avoid disease and live longer | Dr Paul Taylor

Specific exercise to avoid disease and live longer with Dr Paul Taylor The Proof with Simon Hill podcast episode 229

In Episode #229, I’m joined by Paul Taylor to discuss how to exercise to live better for longer. “Sublethal exposures to intermittent stressors – that is the key.” Over the past month, The Proof has increasingly explored the role of exercise in relation to long-term health outcomes. In today’s episode, we build on previous conversations with an […]

Nutrition for Healthy Kidney Function | Nephrologist Dr Shivam Joshi

In Episode #103, I sat down with Dr Shivam Joshi to explore nephrology: the fascinating area of medicine dedicated to kidney health. Whether you have kidney disease, know someone with kidney disease, or simply want to learn about protein consumption and kidney health, I believe you will find this episode particularly informative.   In this episode, […]