Specific exercise to avoid disease and live longer | Dr Paul Taylor

Specific exercise to avoid disease and live longer with Dr Paul Taylor The Proof with Simon Hill podcast episode 229

In Episode #229, I’m joined by Paul Taylor to discuss how to exercise to live better for longer. “Sublethal exposures to intermittent stressors – that is the key.” Over the past month, The Proof has increasingly explored the role of exercise in relation to long-term health outcomes. In today’s episode, we build on previous conversations with an […]

Nutrition for healthy kidney function with Nephrologist Dr Shivam Joshi

Dr Shivam Joshi Nephrologist Plant Proof Podcast Kidney Health

n Episode 103 I sit down with Dr Shivam Joshi a nephrologist working in NYC to explore Nephrology, the fascinating area of medicine dedicated to kidney health. Whether you have kidney disease, know someone with kidney disease or simply want to learn about protein consumption and kidney health I believe you will find this episode […]