Fasting Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know about fasting from some of the world’s leading authorities in Episode #302. From addressing common myths to offering specific guidance on how to make time-restricted eating work for you, this episode is a masterclass on using fasting as a powerful tool for enhancing health and longevity. “One of the […]

Protein Masterclass | Amount, distribution, muscle growth and longevity

Unpack protein like never before in Episode #290, a compilation of the most insightful conversations with nutrition experts to dissect the multifaceted role of protein in our diets. From the fundamentals of protein needs and muscle synthesis to the nuanced interplay between protein intake and longevity, this masterclass is your one-stop shop to understand how […]

What causes cardiovascular disease (Lipid Series – Part 1) | Dr Thomas Dayspring

If you’re a long-time listener of The Proof, you’ll know that I have a deep passion for better understanding heart disease and communicating this knowledge alongside the world’s leading scientists. This personal interest is one that I’m sure many listeners will share; almost everyone has either personally struggled with cardiovascular health or knows someone who has. […]

Menopause Masterclass (Part 1) | Endocrinologist and Professor Susan Davis

In Episode #245, I’m joined by endocrinologist and clinical researcher Professor Susan Davis, AO. In this detailed exchange – taking place over more than two hours – Professor Davis shares the best practice guidelines for managing menopause. You will learn from a world-leading expert about sex hormones, the physiological changes underpinning menopause, signs and symptoms […]