Achieving Longevity and Healing through Food: A Deep Dive | Dr. Joel Fuhrman

In an era when nutrition advice is abundant, yet chronic diseases continue to rise, Dr Joel Fuhrman offers a different perspective. Having coined the term “Nutritarian”, his work focuses not only on promoting health and longevity, but also healing through food. In this Episode #274, Dr Fuhrman joins me to delve into the nutritarian lifestyle […]

Dating, sex, marriage, and relationship building | Jillian Turecki

When we think about health and wellness, what usually comes to mind is nutrition, exercise, sleep, or some other tangible metric. But what about love? In Episode #273, I sit down with relationship coach Jillian Turecki to hear her insights on the power of a healthy relationship. “The quality of your love life is directly […]

Is longevity science overhyped? | Professor Charles Brenner, PhD

The desire to live longer is not new to humans. But as time goes on, the concept of extending lifespan seems to be less about fantasy and more about a scientific “cure”. In our rush to find a silver bullet, has science been subverted along the way? In Episode #272, Professor Charles Brenner joins me […]

How to heal your microbiome after antibiotics | Dr Will Bulsiewicz, MD

For many health-conscious people, the use of antibiotics is a double-edged sword. We understand their power in combating illness but also recognise that they pose risks for the gut microbiome. I’m often asked for guidance about antibiotics by The Proof community, and in Episode #271, gastroenterologist and bestselling author Dr Will Bulsiewicz returns to the show to […]

Women’s health misinformation | Dr Jen Gunter, OB, GYN

The field of women’s health, historically understudied and often misunderstood, has finally begun to occupy a crucial place in mainstream health conversations. This shift, while empowering and supporting many women on their health journeys, has also unleashed a flood of misinformation and disinformation. These can be misleading marketing tactics at best, and at worst, they […]

Homemade Kombucha

Learn how to make your own Kombucha at home, following Christopher Gardner’s kitchen-tested methods – as discussed in Episode #264 of The Proof podcast. Whether you’re a kombucha enthusiast or just getting started, in just four easy steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your homemade fermented tea. The simple way: The complete way: […]

Nutrition for Performance and a Healthy Heart | Professor Christopher Gardner, PhD

In today’s information-dense world, the task of discerning evidence-based, practical nutrition advice is more challenging than ever. In Episode #269 of The Proof, I welcome back Professor Christopher Gardner, a renowned authority in the field of nutrition science. In this dialogue, we delve into the complex landscape of dietary choices, assessing controversy through a scientific lens […]

Biggest myths in nutrition | Dr Matthew Nagra, ND

In a time where information is abundant and readily accessible, it has become increasingly challenging to discern credible health advice from the noise of unreliable sources. As we strive for clarity amidst the clamour, it’s crucial to anchor our understanding in reliable, science-based information. “I tend to see more bias in people who claim to […]

The gut microbiome in inflammatory and metabolic diseases | Suzanne Devkota, PhD

Recent years have seen a surge in interest in the gut microbiome, an intricate area of research that is only just beginning to reveal its vast implications for our health. Even though we are just at the outset of fully understanding this complex ecosystem, there have already been exciting discoveries that set science on the […]