Why we need science now more than ever

The Proof with Simon Hill episode 199 Why we need science now more than ever

Join me in Episode #199, the last episode of Plant Proof and the start of a new chapter. Listen to my learnings from the past years with Plant Proof, why it’s time for this change and find out about exciting things on the horizon, for me and you.   Specifically, I talk about:  An in person […]

Soy foods and cardiometabolic health | Dr Matthew Nagra

The Proof with Simon Hill episode 198 Soy foods and cardiometabolic health with Dr Matthew Nagra

As Plant Proof continues on the journey of digging into evidence-based nutrition with nuance, we return to controversial discourse on soy consumption. “We have a lot of data on soy and health outcomes, and it’s almost exclusively in the direction of benefit.” Last week, Dr Matthew Nagra helped dispel some of the myths around soy […]

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How to have a healthy gut

Plant proof AWW

The secret to ageing well could rest within your gut, which scientists now know plays a crucial role in important body systems […]

The Hidden Effects of Alcohol


Forget crippling hangovers and burning through your cash, your weekly drink intake could also have an undesirable effect on your waistline!

Moderation Diet a Myth


Generations of Australians grew up believing “all things in moderation”. But nutritionist and podcaster Simon Hill, author of new book The Proof is in the Plants, says […]