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A predominately plant-based diet for babies and toddlers with registered Dietitian’s Alexandra Caspero and Whitney English

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In Episode #128 I’m joined by Alexandra Caspero, RND and Whitney English, RND to discuss raising babies and toddlers on a predominately plant-based diet.

Specifically we cover:

  • Why would one want to consider a predominately plant-based diet?
  • Plant-predominant versus plant-exclusive diets
  • Advantages of a plant-predominant diet
  • Obesity in children
  • Science looking at growth and development in plant-based populations
  • Why the fear on social media and in the media surrounding plant-based diets and children
  • Further research that they would like to see
  • Where a plant-based diet could go wrong
  • Key nutrients of focus including B12, iron and DHA.
  • Importance of dietary fat
  • Are soy products safe for babies and toddlers?
  • Things to consider when using infant formula
  • and much more



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