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From the author of The Proof is in the Plants and creator of The Proof Podcast, Simon Hill


Supplement planning for a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

What You’ll Find in This Supplement Guide

While all diets require planning, this guide will grow your understanding of the specific nutrients that become more important when you’re reducing your intake of animal products to adopt a plant-predominant or plant-exclusive, whole-food, plant-based diet (WFPBD).

This guide is here to help you if you’ve decided to supplement a particular nutrient:

What form of the supplement is best?

How much should you take?

Which brands do I recommend?

In Part 1 of this guide we will go through 8 nutrients of focus. In Part 2, we will explore specific nutrients for optimising performance for plant-based athletes. While this may seem like a lot of information, don’t stress — I’ll finish by showing how I personally supplement as simply as possible!

The 8 nutrients we’ll dig into are:


Vitamin B12



Vitamin D




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Meet the Author

Simon Hill

Host of the Plant Proof podcast, nutritionist, sports physiotherapist, creator of blog and author of The Proof is in the Plants. The Proof is in the Plants is my first book, and it walks through the science of eating for a healthier you and a healthier planet. It contains the agenda-free information that we all need to become more conscious of how our daily food choices affect our body and the world around us.

My philosophy is simple. We live in an environment that makes it incredibly hard to follow an evidence-based dietary pattern, an environment that in many ways sets us up for failure. Rather than waiting for this environment to change, or waiting to experience pain, I want to arm you with evidence-based solutions. This will help you better navigate the world in which we live and improve your chance of living a long, healthy life, allowing you to do more of whatever it is you love to do.

It took me a master’s in Nutrition and years of research to understand the science and how our food choices are shaped. However, I believe that this information should be easily accessible to everyone.

This isn’t about dietary labels or agendas. It’s a space to honour science, to honour learning as a community and to encourage progress over perfection. If you want to upgrade your health and tread more lightly on the planet, I am here to help you do that.

plant proof supplement guide

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