New study on protein, healthy aging and longevity ft. Layne Norton & Dr Matthew Nagra | Simon Hill, Msc, Bsc

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50,000 women. 30 years of follow-up. The results of a new study are in: learn the truth about how your protein intake will affect your long-term health. What kind of protein should you consume? How much? And what difference will it really make on longevity?

In Episode #318, I’m unpacking the results from the new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dietary protein intake in midlife in relation to healthy aging – results from prospective Nurses’ Health Study cohort.

This new study from researchers at Harvard University and Tufts University has been regularly misinterpreted online, and in this episode, I’ll set the facts straight. Learn the three most important protein takeaways from this study, hear my take on Layne Norton’s interpretation, and crack the code to using protein as a tool for healthy aging.

Specifically, I cover:

  • Introduction to Protein and Longevity (00:00)
  • Study Overview and Methodology (01:24)
  • Key Findings on Protein Sources (05:33)
  • Lane Norton’s Review and Critique (06:38)
  • Analysis of Different Protein Types (10:02)
  • Practical Recommendations for Protein Intake (17:13)
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts (21:34)

If you’ve been confused about the conflicting information on protein and longevity, this episode is for you. This study is likely the best we have when it comes to understanding how protein affects aging over decades and provides clear direction on which protein sources and amounts will best support us on our journey to a long, healthy life.

If you’re interested in the Danish Dietary Guidelines, you can find them in English here.

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