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Is your menstrual cycle normal? How is the pill affecting your body? How do you sort science from snake oil? These are questions that many women have but might not have the resources to answer. Join me as I sit down with Dr Jen Gunter, a renowned expert in women’s health, to answer these questions and many more as we take a deep dive into contraception, the menstrual cycle, and common female health myths.

“The idea that your physiology should make you lesser, should make you undesirable, should make you less of a productive member of society is simply a tool of oppression.”

Dr Jen Gunter is an internationally celebrated obstetrician and gynaecologist. She is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Vagina BibleThe Menopause Manifesto, and more recently Blood. Fondly known as Twitter’s resident gynaecologist and the internet’s OB/GYN, she is a steadfast advocate for women’s health, championing accurate and reliable information to help women make informed decisions about their health. Dr Gunter’s work extends beyond her books, with her writings published in the New York Times, Dame, The New Republic, The Guardian, and more. Her mission is to build a better medical internet, because to be empowered about health one must have accurate information.

“If you know the risks [of certain supplements or products] it’s your body and your choice. My concern is that they haven’t been given the information so they’re not making an informed choice.”

In this episode, you’ll learn about the key phases of the menstrual cycle and the associated symptoms, discover how different forms of hormonal contraception work and whether they’re safe, debunk a series of pervasive female health myths, and much more.

Whether you personally menstruate or use contraceptives or know someone who does – effectively everyone – this episode is an essential listen on female health.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The Impact of Disinformation on Women’s Health Choices (01:17)
  • Exploring Gaps in Medical Research on Female Physiology (07:17)
  • Navigating Misinformation and Vulnerability in Women’s Health (15:52)
  • The Importance of the Menstrual Cycle: A Comprehensive Overview (17:44)
  • Inclusivity and Language in Medical and Social Contexts (33:12)
  • The Phases of the Menstrual Cycle: A Detailed Explanation (41:02)
  • Female Physiology: Mechanism and Function of Menstruation (50:25)
  • COVID Vaccines: Effects on Menstrual Cycles and Fertility (01:01:55)
  • Menstrual Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction (01:06:00)
  • Managing Menstrual Symptoms and Pain: Expert Advice (01:13:45)
  • Hormonal Health Myths: Dutch Test, Birth Control Pill, and Diet (01:39:33)
  • Osteoporosis and Birth Control Pills: Is There a Connection? (01:46:26)
  • Birth Control and Cancer Risk: Examining the Evidence (01:51:25)
  • Birth Control Pills and Acne (01:57:30)
  • Menstrual Cycle: Detoxification and Birth Control’s Impact on Maturation (02:02:03)
  • Emergency Contraception Options: Plan B and Ella (02:08:48)
  • Abortion: Laws, Misconceptions, and Future Implications (02:30:03)
  • Final Thoughts and Empowering Women in Health Choices (02:45:56)

Thank you to Dr Jen Gunter for her time today. Women’s health is a field that is critically underrepresented and loaded with misinformation and disinformation, and her expert perspective brings a wealth of much-needed expertise to the conversation.

Connect with Dr Jen Gunter on InstagramTwitter, and TikTok. Order her new book, Blood: the Science, Medicine and Mythology of Menstruationhere. For even more comprehensive information, you can read Dr Gunter’s other books, The Vagina Bible and The Menopause Manifesto. Head to her blog,, for frequent newsletters and articles.

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More about Dr Jen Gunter

Dr Jen Gunter is an OB/GYN, pain medicine physician, and health communicator. Her clinical practice focuses on vulvar and vaginal conditions, pelvic pain, and menopause. She has been called the internet’s most famous gynaecologist, based in part on her crusade to make evidence-based medicine accessible to all. She has written two New York Times and Canadian best-selling books on women’s health and is a tireless advocate for reproductive health. Her latest book, Blood: The Science, Medicine, and Mythology of Menstruation, is available now.

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