From the author of The Proof is in the Plants and creator of The Proof Podcast, Simon Hill

2-Week Meal Plan

Experience the benefits of eating more plants!

What You’ll Find in 2-Week Meal Plan

Plant curious? Experience the benefits of eating more plants with this 2-week plant-based meal plan! Not only will eating this way reduce your risk of chronic disease in the long-term, it will leave you feeling better today, too. 

How many of these dishes you choose to incorporate into your lifestyles comes down to the level of commitment you’re looking for. For some, it may be starting with plant-based breakfast or one plant-based day a week. For others, it may be going ‘all-in’ overnight. Whatever it may be, the goal here is for you to feel the benefits that eating more plants brings while seeing that you don’t have to compromise on flavour.

Feel free to adjust serving sizes based on your individual circumstances — your body size, activity levels, and goals.

Here’s what your next 2 weeks look like:

Simple, delicious and nutritionally-balanced recipes created by a nutritionist

Daily breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert recipes for 2 weeks

Shopping list for easy preparation

Complete nutritional breakdown for each recipe

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Meet the Author

Simon Hill

Simon Hill, a physiotherapist and nutrition scientist, is dedicated to simplifying health and nutrition information. He began his career interested in the physiology and anatomy related to optimal athletic performance. Then, encouraged by his Dad’s heart attack, he turned his attention to nutrition’s role in preventing disease and optimising health. Concerned about misleading wellness industry trends, he completed a Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Deakin University.

Today, Simon hosts a podcast featuring experts translating research into practical advice. He authored “The Proof is in the Plants,” advocating for a plant-rich diet based on current nutrition research.

On it’s debut week The Proof is in the Plants was the #1 non-fiction book in Australia. He continues to deepen his understanding of human health by being actively involved in research investigating the links between nutrition and mental health.

His podcast, The Proof, a space where he sits down with domain-specific experts, has surpassed 40 million listens, exploring various lifestyle factors impacting well-being. Simon now conducts immersive longevity experiences, aiming to empower people to live better for longer.

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