Eating for Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Gut Health | Highlights of 2023 (Part 1)

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Hit the ground running in 2024 by pressing play on this must-listen episode. Hear the most valuable insights from 19 guests of The Proof, all packed into one episode that brings you the best of each one. 2023 was absolutely loaded with expert advice from some of the best researchers and practitioners in the world, and this episode combines many of them to bring you a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

You’ll hear from: Dr Alan Flanagan, Dr Ayesha Sherzai, Dr Christopher Gardner, Dr Dena Sherzai, Dr Gil Carvalho, Dr Inigo San Millan, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Krystle Zuniga, Dr Matthew Nagra, Dr Mohammed Alo, Dr Neil Iyengar, Dr Philip Calder, Dr Roy Taylor, Dr Stephan Guyenet, Dr Suzanne Devkota, Dr Thomas Dayspring, Dr Urvi Shah, Dr Walter Willet, and Dr Will Bulsiewicz. While there are too many to list the merits of each, rest assured these guests have been hand-picked to offer the best insights in their respective fields.

This episode will take you on a curated journey through 2023’s most important moments, including the must-knows about nutrition, fats, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, cancer and nutrition, and gut health.

We cover:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The dangers of misinformation (01:30)
  • Which Foods Should You Eat to Stay Healthy? (05:17)
  • Does the Quality of Foods Matter? (07:38)
  • The Impact of the Average American Diet on Health (09:28)
  • Do We Have Sufficient Evidence on How Nutrition Impacts Our Health? (12:04)
  • How different diets measure up to health guidelines (15:11)
  • Practical insights for doctors and patients (23:08)
  • Saturated fat misunderstandings: Is saturated fat bad? (25:32)
  • Understanding Essential Fats: Why are They Vital? (30:18)
  • Low Conversion Rates: From ALA to EPA & DHA Explained (34:29)
  • The Importance of Monitoring Omega 6 Intake (39:52)
  • Keeping the brain healthy with omega 3 fatty acids (43:45)
  • Biochemical Analysis in Three Cohort Observations of Walter Willet’s Studies (56:54)
  • Are Low-Fat Diets Good for Cardiovascular Health? (01:02:12)
  • Polyunsaturated Fats and Cardiovascular Disease (01:04:14)
  • Benefits of Switching from Saturated Fat to Unsaturated Fats (01:09:51)
  • Which popular diets are truly heart-healthy? (01:10:23)
  • Atherosclerosis and the role of lipids (01:18:22)
  • The tests helpful in predicting cardiovascular disease risk (01:31:24)
  • Cardiac Imaging: Understanding Imaging Tests (01:43:34)
  • Can we take drugs that raise HDL to lower cardiovascular disease risk? (01:52:17)
  • Metabolic Health, Mitochondria, and Nutrition (02:00:37)
  • Twin cycle hypothesis (02:07:17)
  • Linking Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Type 2 Diabetes (02:18:56)
  • How Weight Reduction Can Be Revolutionary in Reversing Diabetes (02:31:36)
  • Main drivers of type 2 diabetes (02:38:56)
  • The role of nutrition in cancer treatment (02:45:56)
  • Plant-based diet vs ketogenic diet (02:50:12)
  • Can food act as medicine? (02:55:54)\
  • Nutrition priorities during cancer treatment (03:05:36)
  • Dietary patterns and FODMAP intolerance (03:08:33)
  • Effects of antibiotics to gut the microbiome (03:16:41)
  • Analysing Kevin Hall’s Research: Plant-Based Diet vs. Alternative Diets (03:23:37)
  • Outro (03:33:38)

I hope that 2023 was a year of happiness, health, and growth for you. Thank you for your continued interest in improving your wellbeing as we step into 2024; I look forward to many more episodes to come. Make sure to stay tuned for part two of this series, coming next week.

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