Will Bulsiewicz Podcast Resources

Resources of episode #271 & #275 with Dr Will Bulsiewicz

Episode 271

In this comprehensive discussion, we explore the fundamental nature of antibiotics, their role in medicine, and their impact on the microbiome. Dr Bulsiewicz breaks down what really happens when you take antibiotics, how to tell whether you should be taking them, and the measures you can take to help your gut recover before, during, and after their usage.

We also delve into more specific concerns, including frequent antibiotic usage (especially in early childhood), the concept of an antibiotic scar, and probiotic and prebiotic supplementation. Finally, Dr B answers some of your questions about yeast infections, SIBO, and non-dietary lifestyle factors.

Episode 275

Have you ever wondered how your gut health might affect your body weight?

In this conversation, we zoom in on the three ways that the microbiome affects our metabolism: energy balance, blood glucose control (insulin resistance), and blood lipids.

You’ll learn why eating more fibre is the key to controlling body weight and reducing your risk of disease. We also compare ketogenic and plant-based diets through a scientific lens, discuss how evolution can make our body work against us, and assess GLP-1 agonists such as Ozempic.