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In Episode #219, I sit down with Layne Norton, PhD to answer one very topical question: does insulin make us fat?

“Mechanisms are only small parts of the story. The summation of all the mechanisms shows up as human outcome data – so let’s look at the human outcome data.”

Welcome to the first bite-sized episode of The Proof. In these short conversations, I am joined by a guest to tackle a single topic in a brief, digestible time frame. In this episode, Layne Norton, PhD addresses recent online claims by Ben Bikman, PhD. Dr Bikman claims that if we keep insulin low and control seed oils, fat cells can stay smaller and healthier. But is there any truth to this claim, and would it necessarily be a good thing?

Layne Norton, PhD is a nutrition scientist, author, and athlete. He has published tens of scientific articles, delivered seminars and workshops all over the world, and coached over 1,000 individuals in his career. Dr Norton is a highly regarded figure in the fitness and nutrition industries, and offers detailed scientific insight into this topic.

“Misinformation always has unintended consequences, even if the intentions are good.”

In this episode, Dr Norton takes a highly scientific approach to the topic at hand. We discuss adipocyte hypertrophy, the difference between and significance of hypertrophy versus hypoplasia, and the consequences of misinformation. We also examine the uses and drawbacks of mechanistic data.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Intro [0:00]
  • Dr. Bikman’s Claims [2:24]
  • Hyperplasia and hypertrophy [7:19]
  • Gap of Research [12:17]
  • Why this is problematic [15:56]
  • Motives [20:14]
  • Outro [22:53]

I hope you found this conversation and format insightful and clarifying as The Proof continues on the journey of addressing misinformation. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the YouTube comments.

To connect with Layne Norton, PhD, you can find him on Instagram and Twitter @biolayne, and on Facebook as Layne Norton. You can also visit his website,, to learn more about his work and other resources.

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Enjoy, friends.


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