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You’ve heard me interview hundreds of nutrition experts; now it’s time for me to share my comprehensive views on nutrition, health, and longevity. Join me in Episode #321 as I’m interviewed by André Duqum in this conversation originally recorded for the Know Thyself podcast.

André Duqum is the host of Know Thyself, a podcast dedicated to connecting with teachers, leaders, and creators asking questions about purpose and self. He is a masterful interviewer and brings curiosity and interest to this episode. If you want to learn more about my qualifications and experience, you can do so here.

This episode covers the foundations of healthy eating and my take on common nutrition controversies. You’ll learn how to decode health information you find online, why a plant-focused diet is the best way forward, and how to discover the optimal diet for you. Overall, we discuss what to eat and avoid, when to eat, and how your food choices impact your body and the planet.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Understanding Nutrition Science (04:07)
  • The Role of Observational Studies in Nutrition (09:18)
  • What Is the Most Beneficial Diet for Humans? (13:12)
  • Simon Hill’s Personal Journey and Motivation (19:38)
  • Five Pillars of Longevity (27:50)
  • Importance of Protein in the Diet (31:27)
  • Understanding Seed Oils and Polyunsaturated Fats (50:23)
  • Importance of Fibre in the Diet (58:32)
  • Choosing the Best Animal Proteins (01:10:06)
  • Role of Fake Meats in a Plant-Based Diet (01:14:52)
  • Metabolic Health and Dietary Fats (01:19:40)
  • Supplementation and Nutrient Gaps (01:24:22)
  • Debunking Myths About Anti-Nutrients in Plants (01:30:20)
  • The Soy Controversy Explained (01:38:20)
  • Challenges of Plant-Based Diets (01:41:29)
  • Environmental Impact of Diet Choices (01:59:04)
  • Optimising Meal Timing (02:07:07)
  • Importance of Relationships for Longevity (02:12:52)
  • Final Thoughts and Reflections (02:20:23)

Thank you to André for facilitating this engaging conversation. I hope this episode helps clarify any questions you have about nutrition and longevity. For a comprehensive list of studies and resources we discussed in this episode, head to the Know Thyself website.

Connect with André Duqum on Instagram, and discover the Know Thyself podcast on Instagram or at the official website,

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