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In Episode #213, Dr Jenna Macciochi joins me for a deep dive into the human immune system.

“Your body needs time to heal, and time cannot be found in supplements and protocols – it’s something we need a culture change for.”

“Immunity” has become a buzzword in health spheres at the moment. From supplement marketing to recipe promotion, there seem to be countless quick-fix products or ingredients to “boost” and improve the immune system. But is there any validity to these claims? Dr Jenna Macciochi joins me today to look deeper into what actually creates a balanced immune system.

Dr Jenna Macciochi is an immunologist with over 20 years’ experience researching the impact of lifestyle on health and the immune system. As well as having decades of experience in the field, she has also been awarded a prestigious Presidential Fellowship and is now a lecturer at the University of Sussex.

“The words ‘quick fix’ and ‘immunity’ can’t really go in the same sentence. The science is in the consistency, and that 360º lifestyle approach.”

In this episode, we cover broader explanations of what the immune system is and what it does before getting into the finer details. Dr Macciochi also provides an abundance of applicable information, explaining the mechanisms behind what impacts the immune system. We discuss the extent of control we have over our own immune system, indications of a disrupted immune system, and the importance of gut health. Dr Macciochi also shares insight into vaccines, inflammation, diet, and supplementation.

Specifically, we cover:

  • Intro [0:00]
  • Becoming an Immunologist [5:38]
  • Explaining the Immune System [9:00]
  • Impact of Genetics [15:05]
  • Immunity & Immune-Washing [19:07]
  • Reaction to Virus’ [28:04]
  • Pregnancy & Childhood [31:00]
  • Understanding Your Immunity [44:53]
  • Bacterial VS Viral Infections [56:00]
  • Antibiotics [58:48]
  • Germ vs Terrain Theory [1:04:36]
  • Natural Immunity [1:09:23]
  • Inflammation Explained [1:18:38]
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diets [1:29:28]
  • Phytonutrients & Toxic Plants [1:44:31]
  • Eat the Rainbow [1:57:52]
  • Beta-Glucans [2:05:40]
  • Animal Foods [2:07:37]
  • Healthy Fats [2:12:48]
  • Supplementing Vitamins [2:16:04]
  • Outro [2:32:10]

There is a lot to learn in today’s episode. Dr Macciochi shares complex information in an accessible way that you can implement, which is incredibly valuable. I look forward to continuing our conversation on immunology in future episodes.

To connect with Dr Jenna Macciochi, you can do so on Instagram, Twitter, and her website. Make sure to check out her first book Immunity: The Science of Staying Well. Her new book, Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity, is now available as well.

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Enjoy, friends.


More about Jenna Macciochi, PhD

Immunologist and author, Dr Jenna Macciochi is on a mission to unravel the science around the immune system and help people decode exactly what it takes to be well in the modern-day.

She has over 20 years’ experience researching the Impact of diet and lifestyle on the immune system and her curiosity about the human body in health and disease has driven her research, deepening her understanding of how we ear and how we live affects out health and wellbeing.

She’s the first to admit that the unrelenting pace of modern life can slowly erode our delicate immune defences leading us into a web of complex health issues that cannot be solved by generic, oversimplified health recommendations and quick fixes. Jenna inspires people to take care of their health through personalised, simple and educated advice, debunking popular myths along the way. With h habits, hold the key to a strong immune system.

Jenna provides accessible, science-backed information on how we can take care of our critical immune defence against ill-health and disease through her online health and wellbeing platform and social media and is a regular contributor to TV, print and online media. She published her first book about the immune system in 2020, will publish her second in 2021 and is set to publish her second in 2022. Through her work, Jenna aims to inspire us to treasure our immune systems and appreciate just how awe-inspiring and complex they are.

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