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Legumes are trying to kill you. At least, that’s what Dr Steven Gundry would have you believe. Over the decades, various health fads have targeted one nutrient or compound after another: carbs, fat, gluten, and now, lectins. In Episode #286, I sit down with Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, and Dr Matthew Nagra, ND, to dissect the bold assertions made in Dr Steven Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox.

“When you take a step back and look at the actual human clinical trial data, we see that these plant foods tend to be quite beneficial, at least for inflammatory markers.” – Dr Matthew Nagra

In this episode, we are joined by two exceptional experts in the field of nutrition. Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, is an accomplished nutritionist and the founder of Alinea Nutrition. He brings a rich background that spans both law and science, with a special focus on imparting impartial, science-based nutrition analysis.

We’re also joined by Dr Matthew Nagra, ND, a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and a certified expert from Cornell University. Growing up with personal health struggles and witnessing the transformative power of lifestyle-based interventions in his own life and his father’s, Dr Nagra merges his comprehensive medical training with a deep-rooted commitment to bridging the gap between lifestyle changes and medical treatments.

“Unfortunately the gaps [in scientific literature] are often manipulated by someone like a Steven Gundry to make a specific claim, and that can be incredibly persuasive to people.” Dr Alan Flanagan

Discover the truth about lectins in this conversation, where we critically examine the claims made in Dr Steven Gundry’s The Plant Paradox. Learn about what lectins really are, how to protect yourself from lectin poisoning, and whether they’re the root cause behind leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, weight gain, and a suite of other health issues.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Kickstart Guide: Understanding Lectins for Better Health (00:00)
  • What Are Lectins? A Comprehensive Explanation for Health Enthusiasts (04:00)
  • Demystifying Lectins: Common Myths vs. Facts (08:12)
  • Dr. Gundry’s Plant Lectin Claims: A Critical Examination (09:23)
  • Transformative Effects? Real Stories Post Dr. Gundry’s Diet (14:00)
  • Evaluating Dr. Gundry’s Lectin Claims: A Closer Look (16:51)
  • Busting Dr. Gundry’s First Myth: Nutrition Misconceptions Uncovered (17:50)
  • Fact-Check: Do Lectins Trigger Leaky Gut Syndrome? (28:52)
  • Cooking vs. Lectins: Does Heat Really Neutralize Them? (37:50)
  • Investigating Myth 3: Lectins’ Role in Causing Inflammation (45:37)
  • Myth 4 Debunked: The Truth About Lectins and Autoimmune Health (49:32)
  • Unveiling Myth 5: Can Lectins Be the Culprit Behind Weight Gain? (54:40)
  • Lectin Shield Exposed: Is This the Ultimate Lectin Blocker? (1:01:59)
  • Decoding Dr. Gundry: Essential Takeaways on Lectins (1:08:38)
  • Lectins: Concluding Insights for Health-Conscious Audiences (1:12:44)

Thank you to Dr Matthew Nagra and Dr Alan Flanagan for illuminating the evidence in this episode, offering a balanced perspective against prevailing myths. Their expertise challenges popular narratives and underscores the importance of evidence-based nutrition. I hope this conversation brought clarity to your understanding of lectins.

Connect with Dr Matthew Nagra on Instagram, Twitter, Threads, TikTok, and his website. To connect with Dr Alan Flanagan, you can find him exclusively on Instagram.

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More about Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD

Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, holds an MSc and PhD in nutrition from the University of Surrey, and is a former practicing Lawyer (Barrister) from Dublin, Ireland. Alan is the founder of Alinea Nutrition, an online education hub dedicated to providing impartial, science-based nutrition analysis. Alan is also Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, creating educational resources for nutrition science. Originally a lawyer by background in Dublin, Ireland, Alan spent a decade practicing as a barrister before moving into science.

More about Dr Matthew Nagra, ND

Dr Nagra grew up in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, and from a young age, he struggled with multiple health issues such as asthma, allergies, and weight management. It wasn’t until he took control of his own health and began transitioning to a plant-based diet that he noticed significant improvements, which was ultimately the catalyst for the career he has chosen. His goal is to help others do the same.

He graduated from the Boucher Institute after having completed his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at the University of Victoria 4 years earlier. He holds additional board certifications in prescriptive authority, immunizations, advanced injection therapies, intravenous therapies, and acupuncture. Using an evidence-based approach, he creates individualized treatment protocols for each patient based on their health goals and unique lifestyles.

Dr Nagra has a particular passion for plant-based/vegan nutrition, physical medicine, and chronic disease treatment. With additional training in nutrition, he holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies where he’s authored multiple articles on the subject. There’s certainly a lack of understanding around plant-based nutrition amongst healthcare professionals, sometimes resulting in practitioners recommending non-vegan treatment options to their vegan patients. His aim is to help that population thrive while maintaining their vegan lifestyle if that’s their goal. Beyond catering to the plant-based population, his passion for nutrition is only amplified by his personal health struggles and his father’s battle with cardiovascular disease, where both were able to regain their health after making significant lifestyle changes. Dr Nagra believes this is where he can have the greatest impact in helping patients transform their lives by bridging the gap between lifestyle-based interventions and life-saving medical treatment.

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