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How often do we consider the powerful, invisible rhythms governing our health and daily lives? Dr Satchin Panda, a leading expert in the field of circadian biology, returns in Episode #283 to help us unlock the secrets of our body’s internal clocks. Join us as we explore Dr Panda’s six simple pillars to nurture and align with your circadian rhythm.

“Your day begins with what time you went to bed the previous night.”

Satchidananda (Satchin) Panda, PhD is a Professor at the Salk Institute in California, where he conducts critical research on the circadian regulation of behaviour, physiology, and metabolism. His discoveries include identifying the role of blue-light sensing cells in the retina, which influence our primary circadian clock, mood, and the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Additionally, Dr Panda’s work on time-restricted feeding (TRF) has highlighted its potential in preventing and reversing metabolic diseases. Among his accolades are the Julie Martin Mid-Career Award in Aging Research and the Dana Foundation Award in Brain and Immune System Imaging. With a strong foundation in research, Dr Panda brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion on circadian rhythms.

“If we do time-restricted eating, we are increasing our resilience against many chronic diseases, and in at least a few animal experiments we have seen that time-restricted eating also increases resilience against infectious disease.”

In this episode, we explore the intricacies of circadian rhythm with Dr Panda, who introduces us to six essential pillars for nurturing these natural cycles. As we journey from understanding the importance of consistent bedtime to the benefits of time-restricted eating, you’ll learn straightforward strategies to better align with your circadian rhythm.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • The Importance of Sleep Optimisation (03:18)
  • Factors Influencing Sleep: Genes vs Daily Behaviours (11:53)
  • The Relationship Between Caffeine and Sleep (16:27)
  • Melatonin: Understanding Suppressors, Dosage, and Supplementation (21:15)
  • Is It Possible to Compensate for Lost Sleep? (34:03)
  • The Link Between Sleep Deprivation and Body Fat Accumulation (36:25)
  • Should We Eat Immediately After Waking Up? (43:10)
  • Time-Restricted Eating and Its Impact on Circadian Rhythms (48:32)
  • Timing Your Meals: When Should You Consume Most of Your Daily Calories? (59:43)
  • Time-Restricted Eating and Its Effect on Mitochondrial Function (1:04:50)
  • Gender Differences: How Time-Restricted Eating Affects Health Outcomes in Men vs Women (1:11:04)
  • The Ideal Amount of Daylight Exposure for Optimal Health (1:17:57)
  • Determining the Best Time of Day to Exercise (1:28:57)
  • Preparing for Bed: The Importance of Avoiding Food and Bright Lights Two Hours Before Sleep (1:35:23)
  • Prioritising Lifestyle Habits: Which One Reigns Supreme? (1:40:55)
  • Conclusion (1:45:56)

In our third episode with Dr Panda, we’ve once again delved into the fascinating world of circadian rhythms. His expertise offers us actionable insights and deepens our understanding of this crucial aspect of health. I’m truly grateful to have such a knowledgeable voice on The Proof to guide us through this topic.

To connect with Dr Satchin Panda, you can find him on Twitter and read his peer-reviewed papers on his profile. To learn more about circadian biology, his books, The Circadian Code and The Circadian Diabetes Code, are an incredible resource. You can also better understand your circadian rhythm while contributing to research with Dr Panda’s app, myCircadianClock. Dr Panda’s app Ontime was designed to help members follow his program.

Listen to Dr Panda’s past episodes on The Proof here.

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Enjoy, friends.


More about Satchin Panda, PhD

Satchidananda (Satchin) Panda, PhD is a Professor at the Salk Institute in California, where his research focuses on the circadian regulation of behaviour, physiology, and metabolism in model organisms and in humans. Dr. Panda discovered a blue-light sensing cell type in the retina entrains our master circadian clock, affects mood, and regulates the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Recently, he discovered that maintaining a daily feeding-fasting cycle – popularly known as time-restricted feeding (TRF) – can prevent and reverse metabolic diseases. Based on a feasibility study in humans, his lab is currently carrying out a smartphone-based study to assess the extent of circadian disruption among adults. Dr. Panda has received the Julie Martin Mid-Career Award in Aging Research, Dana Foundation Award in Brain and Immune System Imaging, and was a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences.

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