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Two years ago, Axel Schurawlow was finishing his fifth round of chemotherapy. Today, he sits down with me in Episode #303 to share the lessons he’s learned from staring death in the face. Axel often refers to his cancer as his “teacher”, and as you’ll hear in this episode, he certainly experienced some profound growth during this time. From reckoning with the delicate nature of our existence to making the most of the time we have left, Axel has a lot to teach about reframing your mindset to live a full life.

“No winter is forever; at some point, spring is coming.”

Axel Schurawlow is a certified mindset and business coach from Germany and the founder of Fire Within. A former finance professional turned health and fitness advocate, Axel’s remarkable recovery from a prognosis of just five days to live has deeply influenced his work with athletes and entrepreneurs. Today, he’s dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance their lives through lessons learned in resilience and mindset, making him a profound voice in the quest for a fulfilled life.

“Life is not about what happens to you. It’s about how you deal with it that dictates the quality of your life.”

You’ll learn about what it’s like to hear that you have five days left to live, and how Axel found the strength to fight. Axel explains how your life will change when you lean on the people you love, set goals, and step out of the victim mentality. Regardless of whether you’ve lived a fulfilling life or are just getting started, Axel’s perspective on life might just change yours.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Understanding Cancer Diagnosis: Immediate Reactions (01:33)
  • How to Stay Motivated During Recovery (06:52)
  • The Importance of Therapy and Support from Loved Ones (11:28)
  • How a Life-Threatening Diagnosis Can Teach You About Fear and Purpose (19:17)
  • How Do Relationships Contribute to Healing and Growth? (25:53)
  • Why Gratitude and Perspective Matter in Appreciating Life (30:26)
  • Re-evaluating Life’s Priorities After a Major Health Scare (37:43)
  • Setting Goals for Health Recovery: Axel Schura’s Journey (43:03)
  • The Role of Love and Connection in Leading a Fulfilling Life (51:05)
  • Axel Schura on Embracing Responsibility After Beating Cancer (57:16)
  • The Benefits of Positive Reframing and Taking Self-Responsibility (01:01:33)
  • Building Resilience: How to Overcome Life’s Difficult Moments (01:09:50)
  • Nutritional Guidance During Cancer Treatment (01:19:30)
  • Addressing Fertility and Planning for Family After Treatment (01:26:00)
  • Hope and Perseverance: Key Takeaways from Axel Schura’s Experience (01:32:33)

This conversation is a moving reminder of how important it is to not take our life, health, and loved ones for granted. I hope that after listening to this episode, you’ll take the time to remember what’s truly important to you and tell someone you care about that you love them. Thank you to Axel for sharing his story today.

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More about Axel Schurawlow

Axel Schurawlow is a certified mindset and business coach from Germany. He is the founder of the health and wellness brand Fire Within and helps millions of people with his content about health and mindset. Axel is the host of several podcasts and works with professional athletes and high-level entrepreneurs. He started his career in finance, then found his passion for health and fitness, quit his job 10 years ago, and started working as a personal trainer and coach. He survived stage 4 cancer, was told that he has 5 days left to live, and now dedicates his life to helping people improve their lives.

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