In terms of protein, I always look for brands that provide organic ingredients and a good mix of plant protein sources.  The Vida Glow Hemp blend ticks all the boxes and here’s why:

I typically have 1 scoop (20g) in oats in my overnight bowls and if I am running short on time and need a quick meal, I will often blend a smoothie with another 20g scoop later in the day. The reason I only use 20g is because, usually, I am adding the protein with other foods like Oats, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, etc. so there is more than enough protein.  This means a 500g container lasts 25 serves.

Vida Glow Hemp Protein Plant Proof Vida Glow Hemp Protein Plant Proof

Other proteins I like are:

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein although compared to the Vida Glow Hemp Protein this one is just a single protein source (pea) and is not certified organic.

Nuzest Yellow Pea Protein Plant Proof

Sprout Living Protein is certified USDA organic and a great blend of plant protein ingredients including Sacha Inchi, Brown Rice and Yellow Pea Protein.

Plant Proof Sprout Living Protein

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