Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls: A Must Have

Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls

By far the best book for those transitioning to a plant-based diet or even those that are vegan but want to explore some really amazing bowl recipes is

Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls. This book has been put together by the folk at @coconutbowls and is a compilation of the best bowls created by the worlds top vegan recipe makers. Each recipe, savoury and sweet, is super easy to follow, delicious and will fuel your cells with all the good stuff to help your Space Suit thrive.

Making simple bowls and getting to know how to cook with herbs and spices to create delicious flavours is key to creating an enjoyable transition to plant based eating, and beyond that, a lifestyle that truly delivers the worlds greatest tasting and healthiest dishes.

I’m not paid to promote this book, it’s just genuinely amazing and one that will make you more confident in the kitchen. I’ve benefited personally and enjoyed it so much that it’s only fair I recommend it to you and your friends/family as well.

What I love most about Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls:

  • It’s been compiled based on recipes from some of the worlds best plant based foodies.
  • The recipes are super easy to replicate and achievable (nothing worse than overly photoshopped recipes that are impossible to do at home…how deflating!).
  • Each recipe is focused on plant-based whole foods. As a society, we need to return to eating foods as close to how they grow in nature as possible rather than overly processed foods.
  • There is a nice mix of sweet and savoury bowls to suit whatever meal you are preparing (breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert).
  • Most meals will be loved by kids. Remember, taste buds change over 4-6 weeks, so introducing these types of foods to kids is very important – persist and you will have kids craving the recipes on every page of this book and the website.

I am actually fortunate enough to be able to interview the founder of Coconut Bowls in the coming month or so, Jake McKeon, about the inspiring Coconut Bowls story. Through the company, Jake reclaims coconut shells and turn them into bowls to help create jobs in Vietnam and reduce toxic emissions (if not recycled they would be burnt)…very cool.  In the interview I want to delve into the inspiration that led Jake to start this company and understand where to go from here… talking business, sustainability, plant-based recipes and much, much more!  Stay tuned for that on the Plant Proof Podcast – I hope it provides some key messages that can then be translated into your own lifestyle.

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