Loved by kids and adults, there is no denying that tacos are right up there with some of the world’s greatest food creations. In 2016 I traveled to Tulum & Mexico City and enjoyed some of the best plant-based tacos I have had in the world.  I was fascinated and overjoyed by the amount of vegan restaurants popping up in these locations – despite being in a part of the world where obesity, diabetes and chronic disease, in general, are experiencing rapid growth (1).  Charlies Vegan Taco’s in Tulum and Forever in Mexico City were certainly two of my favourite hot spots for delicious tacos made with a whole lot of Mexican love.

On return to Australia, I searched far and wide to find the very best, 100% natural tortillas that could be used to hold the nutrient dense fillings that I had in mind.  I searched a long time until I found La Tortilleria who are now actually stocked in Woolworths,  Australia’s largest grocery chain, and many independent healthy grocery stores too.

What makes these tortillas so good and why are they Plant Proof Approved?  Let’s dive into the label review and what this product is made of!

(Disclaimer* I am not paid for this review. I genuinely consume this product at home with my friends and family and believe it is the best tortilla you can buy).

Can’t find this product?

If you cannot get La Tortilleria in your country, then I recommend you use the list above to identify the best brand that is accessible to you.  If you have a recommendation then please send it to me so I can take a look and add it to this Tortilla Review to give people other options.

La Tortilleria Tortillas for Tacos Review Plant Proof

Looking for recipe inspiration?

Check out these Plant Proof tacos below.  Get creative and make your own filling – in the below I used Sweet Potato with Black Bean Tempeh by Organic Village, but you can just as easily use black beans mixed with chilli and corn.  Jackfruit is also another excellent filling. Traditional Mexican toppings include coriander, jalapeños, chilli, avocado/guacamole and for a sour cream type experience, whip up some cashew cheese and don’t be afraid to add some zip to this!

Plant Proof Vegan Tacos Plant Proof Vegan Tacos Plant Proof Vegan Tacos Plant Proof Vegan Tacos Plant Proof Vegan Tacos



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