Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls: A Must Have

Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls

By far the best book for those transitioning to a plant-based diet or even those that are vegan but want to explore some really amazing bowl recipes is Vegan Bowls by Vegan Souls. This book has been put together by the folk at @coconutbowls and is a compilation of the best bowls created by the worlds […]

La Tortilleria Tortillas Reviewed

Plant Proof Vegan Tacos

Loved by kids and adults, there is no denying that tacos are right up there with some of the world’s greatest food creations. In 2016 I traveled to Tulum & Mexico City and enjoyed some of the best plant-based tacos I have had in the world.  I was fascinated and overjoyed by the amount of […]

Vida Glow Hemp Protein

In terms of protein, I always look for brands that provide organic ingredients and a good mix of plant protein sources.  The Vida Glow Hemp blend ticks all the boxes and here’s why: 100% Certified Organic (Australian Certified Organic). Many brands claim organic but unless it’s certified, you don’t really have any proof.  You do […]