Protein Masterclass | Amount, distribution, muscle growth and longevity

Unpack protein like never before in Episode #290, a compilation of the most insightful conversations with nutrition experts to dissect the multifaceted role of protein in our diets. From the fundamentals of protein needs and muscle synthesis to the nuanced interplay between protein intake and longevity, this masterclass is your one-stop shop to understand how […]

Red meat, diabetes and plant-based nutrition for performance with Drew Harrisberg

Join me in Episode #289 as I sit down with Drew Harrisberg to connect the dots between diet, exercise, and long-term health. We review a suite of studies that offer a holistic view of what it really takes to optimise our health, from unpacking findings on exercise habits and heart health to evaluating plant-based nutrition […]

Is canola oil toxic? | Gil Carvhalo, Md, PhD

Join me to tackle what is perhaps the most fiercely debated topic in nutrition circles and online forums: canola oil. There’s been an absolute explosion of canola oil criticism in recent years; even the simple statement that canola oil might not be the enemy is enough to spark huge debate. In Episode #288, I sit […]

Reversing type 2 diabetes | Roy Taylor, PhD

We’ve examined the complexities of type 2 diabetes many times on The Proof, learning from experts from across the world. Today, I sit down with a scientist who has fundamentally changed our understanding of this disease: Professor Roy Taylor. As one of the most esteemed scientists researching nutrition and metabolic health, Professor Taylor offers an […]

Are lectins toxic? | Alan Flanagan, PhD & Matthew Nagra, Nd

Legumes are trying to kill you. At least, that’s what Dr Steven Gundry would have you believe. Over the decades, various health fads have targeted one nutrient or compound after another: carbs, fat, gluten, and now, lectins. In Episode #286, I sit down with Dr Alan Flanagan, PhD, and Dr Matthew Nagra, ND, to dissect […]

Regenerative beef: Legit or climate scam? | George Monbiot

One of the most common arguments put forward for an animal-based diet is that beef, when farmed “holistically”, actually combats climate change. And while almost everyone would agree that factory-farmed beef is a terrible thing, what if George Monbiot told you that “the only thing worse than feedlot beef is grass-fed beef”? In Episode #284, […]